The Definitive Guide to Addressing the Asset Gap

When valuing their companies, many business owners view their businesses like a child: precious, priceless, nearly perfect. This tendency to overvalue their companies' worth, coupled with a severe underestimation of how much money they'll need for a comfortable retirement, can lead owners to create an Asset Gap. This eBook will show you how to explain and overcome your clients' Asset Gaps on their way to a successful business exit. 

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With this eBook, you'll be able to:

  • Determine your clients' Asset Gap: Step Two of The BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process.
  • Introduce realistic strategies to explain the Asset Gap to owners.
  • Help owners overcome the Misperception Spell.
  • Use the Asset Gap as a road map to increase company value.
  • Learn from and implement case studies into your explanation of your clients' Asset Gaps.